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February 2014

How To Become Blogging Expert

Blogging Expert

Blogging Expert

The word blog is a way too common. Every one of us does run a blog or is a writer for at least one of them. Sharing has taken an all new meaning by this platform. Everything is becoming so easy and accessible this way. But make a lot of clutter out there too. Making an identity, a recognized identity gets tough with this crowd. So, for this recognition one needs to not only see the winners, but also the ways to do it their own way. Do it your way, and you will come out with flying colors.

Becoming a Blogging Expert is the most difficult thing in the blogging and without these things you can can’t be a blogging Expert

  • Discipline
  • Consistency
  • Making new rules and breaking old rules.
  • Think Out the Box

There is a lot of definition given by the many bloggers, but one definition which I liked the most is

Blogging = Branding  


First, read about the ones who did it successfully. Getting the expert tips always works and after that apply your brains and find your own way to accomplish the same. For whatever you write, you need to first get thorough with the topic because only then you can freely proceed with the content.

#Posting frequency

We all read that to run a blog successfully post daily, have a routine and what not. But for posting daily one needs to think fresh and out of the box every 24 hours. Not possible. Do not restrict yourself with a routine to post something daily. It is better to post twice or once a week a quality article. Post something that is actually of some use to the readers and your invested time and the reader’s time doesn’t get wasted. It is the quality that is going to count and not the number of posts.

#Guest Blogging

There is no hurry to write a guest post, relax. Yes, guest posts do get you visibility, traffic, etc. But this is not the right way. Your focus should be first on your blog, transmitting your best quality to the receiving end. This can profit you with some good contacts of other bloggers, regular audience which is the priority. Then comes guest posting as a chip on your shoulder. So, do it the right way and at the right time.

#The audience

You posted an article and now heading for the ways to get more traffic, right? Don’t. Remember, you will only get to the peak up there if you earn readers and not just traffic from search engines. The emphasis should be first on building up fans and a loyal audience that is potent enough of getting your new readers. There are plenty of ways to get more traffic, but only one way to get readers and that is your great post. Go for it!

#The weapon

Here it is, great quality content and good promotion make you an achiever. Expose your piece of writing on various social media platforms, link it. By this I don’t mean that content has a smaller role, I mean that promotion plays an equal role as the content. Visibility is the word. Spread it by word of mouth and by interactive platforms.

Expertise is not easy. You need to focus on each and every word written above.

How To Reduce Bounce Rate Of Your Site

reduce bounce rate

Bounce Rate is like TRP. Have You Heard of TRP of a particular show or a channel? The bounce rate is the ones who let us arrive at this word TRP for a website or a blog.

reduce bounce rate

What Is Bounce Rate?

The bounce rates are basically those numbers that let us know the amount of traffic a website receives by online surfers. These rates are a measure of a number of visitors we earn and serve their purpose of visiting us if they stay on for quite a good time.

It is important to get these hits for a website because a website or a blog sustains on the number of visits they gross. It is always aimed to go higher and grab some really loyal readers and maintain their coming over. But many of us fail to do so generally because of some very common things that are overlooked by the content creator.

All that you create and put on a website be it a theme, an article, ads, etc. Are responsible for the traffic you generate. So careful look is recommended on each and everything on a website or a blog that you have created.

Few Common factors that affect bounce rate

  • Bad Design
  • Irrelevant Content
  • Too many Pop up ads
  • Bad Navigation

Expert says that your bounce rate should be between 40-50%, if your bounce rate is in between then you don’t have to worry and if bounce rate is more than this then you have to do something for the site so that it can reduce.

Secret Of Bounce Rate

Lower bounce rate = Your Site/Blog is doing Good

Higher bounce rate = Audience is just seeing one page and they are leaving your blog

How To Improve Reduce Bounce Rate Of Your Site

#Website design: A loud theme, too bright, flashy won’t work your things out. In fact, it agitates the visitor, and they switch the page and the website. This is disappointing. So always use a decent team with good loading speed.

#Weak navigation: Sometimes the links of websites doesn’t work properly as in they don’t open. This is again digging your own grave, and the reader is lost. And If you don’t have proper navigation on the site, then the reader is not going to find the content easily and due to this they leave the site quickly.
So make the navigation simple and visible so that the audience doesn’t leave your site.

#Content: This I have experienced a few times. The title says exactly what you wanted and then comes the content which is not in sync with the title. This was fooling your readers with a title and then irritating them by not serving them what they asked for.

#Pop-ups: They are very distracting, I must say. Some readers are quite finicky about these pop-ups, and they shut your page the moment these pop-ups appear. People are afraid to get their system virus infected by such pop-ups.

#Loading Time: Everyone like loading faster, even I also want that site should load faster. The Problem with slow loading site is that; it may be due to using the excess plugin on the site and unwanted coding and css code which are not required this increase the loading time of the site.
So if you want to load the site faster then remove unnecessary things from your site and always optimize the image before uploading in the article.

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#Use Short paragraph and Font Size: Have you ever read the Wikipedia, Why you don’t read that because the content provided there is too much and having a long paragraph to make that boring.
So you don’t do like that always make a post shorter and interesting so that the audience take interest to read the content.

Font is the another problem in many sites. If your font is not visible to the audience and they are facing difficulty in seeing the content on your site they will leave your site and due to this bounce rate increase. So never use a small font,  always use the  font size at-least 14-15 in the content.

#Interlink to older posts: Many experts say that Link Building is most important part of the site. While you interlink make sure the link is relevant to post, as it will also help you to index the post faster and reduces the bounce rate of the site.

Significance of bounce rates

It is very clear that bounce rates define your TRP. The better the number, the better the chances of grabbing a loyal audience. When you earn loyal readers, they check out your new posts on a regular basis, but do not linger around for the already read old posts. So that gets you an average bounce rate. Now, even Google indexes your post on the basis of bounce rate you hit.A too much of this bounce rate is not healthy, remember this.

Try to maintain it on an average, that makes you an achiever. So are you going to Reduce Bounce Rate?

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