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December 2013

Great Ways To Increase Traffic Of Your Blog

Increase Traffic Of Your Blog
Increasing traffic is one of the most common problems now a days in blogging. With there being millions of other blogs online, one can always use a few tips to help come up with ideas to reach a larger audience.  Here are a few tips which can help you increase traffic of your blog.

#Create Astounding High Quality Content

The focus of a writer should be the quality. The skills and focus bring the best out of a writer. Read below:

Try to pick useful and new topics to interest a larger audience. This will make your post interesting and valuable. If possible, add images and videos of relevance to your post, the reason being is such additions catch more readers and the images can help offset a lot of content or grab the attention of someone casually skimming. Use bullet points and try to write in small paragraphs, for easy reading and to make content more attractive you can add your own stories with a personal touch.  This might make the reader more curious and encourage them to get engaged with your content. If your content is good then readers will come back to your site, and want to know more of what you have to say or share.

#Establish Relationships, Optimize Your blog, Get Links.

If you want to increase traffic for your posts and site overall then you have to make the content Google Friendly. You might be surprised to see what is Google friendly? Google Friendly post means making your content more SEO friendly so that your content has a high probability to appear in Google top searches. In Order to get a good ranking you should have the following:

  • Quality Content
  • Link your site with social networking site or with another blog.
  • Lot of sharing of the article on social networking sites. How you can get linked? For this you need to share your content over the internet. If any people like the content they will share your content. Sometimes they are unable to find the content by themselves, in this case email marketing works.

#Target specific audience

When you make content for the site try to post the content which your audience like the most, serve their uses and gratify them. This is the best way to increase your site traffic towards your blog. You can use Google analytics tool for this purpose.

#Be consistent with your posts

Regular posting of an article on your site keeps the audience busy. Your loyal readers are always waiting for the new post, and they are curious to read the article. So, never take too long time to post the article always try to post something for your audience. If you do not post then they will forget your site and obviously your site traffic reduces. Make a proper schedule for making quality content.

#Don’t post irrelevant content

In the paragraphs above I said that always post something in your site; this doesn’t mean that you can post anything which is not valuable for the audience. This is the most common mistake a blogger makes, and results in the loss of their views and readers of the blog. Never post random/unnecessary articles on your site, if you are doing so then you are losing your audience. This means that when your content is not relevant to your blog it will simply lose audience. So, always try to post relevant information on your site so that you can gain traffic. Always remember, a blog is not just information or entertainment, it is infotainment.

#Submit To Social Bookmarking Sites

After writing a quality post, next task for you is to bookmark it socially. Always submit your posts to social bookmarking sites as it will increase your traffic a bit. On these sites you can do bookmarking, these are: Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Facebook , Google+ and there are many more through your blog traffic can increase.

#Don’t Forget Link Building

If you are aware of off-page SEO, the keyword link building is the most important thing for the site, as it is the foundation of the site. This will also help you to lower down a rank. Through this link building your audience will be busy in your site. Whenever you make a post always interlink it with the other posts.

Try these sure shot ways to hit the link popularity among the audience.

How To Write Blog Post Faster

Writing a blog post faster is the most difficult thing as for writing the post you need ideas. You might log time to write an article and even much more time in publishing the article.

How much time you take in publishing new article after writing article? 

If your site has loyal readers then they are waiting for your post.  They don’t want to go to other blog because you have made a trust factor in your readers.  As your tips will granting them advantages.

How To Write Blog Post Faster:

1. Create  a Proper Schedule of Blog 

Maintaining a proper posting schedule of your blog is most important, make a schedule and stick on it so it will increase the productivity of your site.

Write on the daily basis or at least 2 days in a week and in these 2 days’ work with your full potential to make quality post. Or you can write article alternative way like Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It depends on you work.
We have made a schedule for this blog we will post 2-3 article in a week so that your readers get commanding a good price information.

2. Stay Focused

While you are making an article, always close all the application running in your PC like Internet, Facebook, music etc.  If you don’t close then you will get distracted while writing an article for the blog.

The benefit of this is you will fully concentrate on your writing part and due to this you make a quality article with good vocabulary.  There are many tools which you can use to stop internet for few hours.

3. Idea

To make a new post you need ideas and for that you have to search in the internet.  After searching read that article and write a post in your own words.
If you are stealing the article for that site then don’t do that as it will harm your site. I am not saying that copy n paste that article in your site.  To get ideas for your new post, read top bloggers site and make an article.

4. Make a plan

After reading the article from the other site and before writing the post for the blog, make a blue print of that. Write down all the points in your copy or notepad. As  this will help you to write an article easily, and you can be more creative through this.

Write a post with least 400 words with all detail of the topic so that readers get all the information which they want. You can also make a post with 300 words as per Google new algorithm they will index your post only if your content is valuable for the readers.

5. Proof read

After making a post always do proof reading of that article before publishing in your site as it article will be show in a whole world. If you are having a contributors in your site give the article to him/her to do double check the article.

There are many online tools through which you can check your grammar. I am listing some few good tools which you can install in your PC.
1.  Grammarly

2 grammar base

These two tolls are best for checking grammar in the article. If you implement all above tips properly then I am sure you will make Blog Post Faster

If you have any more tips for making the blog post faster then share with us.

Leave your comments below..


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