Why And How Spare Articles Are Important?

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I guess you have heard of Spare ire or spare parts of the car etc but today I am talking about Spare Articles.  Never heard of it, No problem today I am going to tell you all about Spare rticle why it is important and how can u write one.

Need of Spare Article

Spare means a thing that can be used when you don’t have an alternate. In Blogging world it’s very important to create some spare article for Guest Posting. Yes, Guest posting why to waste your time in writing a brand new article when you can write your article before and ask the blogger if they need it.

Is Spare Article a good Idea

Yes, absolutely having a Spare  article is a must for you. Having a Spare  article give you a upper hand to submit It to the blog which accepts Guest post on that topic. For Getting the best result from Gust post  Spare Article is a must have for all bloggers.

How to Write Spare Articles

Writing a Spare article is no big deal but it take some time as you are writing for Guest Post for sure. Saying so here are some Basic Tips to Write a Spare article for Guest Post:-

First:- Asking People who are interested in publishing guest post on there blog. Ask them on what topic they need the article, how much words they should contain as its important for Search engine optimization.

Second:- Writing a full on SEO optimized and keyword containing article. By doing this, the site you guest post on will get a good traffic and in return he will surly ask you to write more article for him.

Third:- Other Than fully Optimized Article you have to write for people also. Try to Reach out to people what they need t read on that particular Niche of blogging.

Some Advantages of Spare Article

You can submit it any time for publication on yours or on others website as you need.

You have the power to ask any big blogger if he is interested in your article this make you more famous among the blog owner.

Some Draw-Back of Spare Articles

You can’t publish it on your own blog if it’s a Guest post no matter how good it can be for your blog.

Wait till any one ask you if you do guest blogging.

Occupy more memory on your desktop.

If you have Guest Article and searching for blog to get publish here we are, we accept SEO and blogging tips article. 

Author Bio: Benny Mathur a pro blogger started blogging in 2011 now runs a successful blog on C++ programmings and Blogging Professionally.


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