Best 20 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic Quickly

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There are many ways to increase a huge traffic and we are providing easy and simple tips to increase your traffic.

First set up your blog, to build a blog it is easy but to get a great traffic it is very difficult. Here are few tips through which you can bring lot of traffic in your blog within a month.

There are no ways you can increase your traffic in just one days or one hour. You have to be patience to build a huge traffic.

Best 20 ways through which you can increase your traffic.

  1. Write a quality article and do a proper promotion of your article.
  2. Update your site regularly. In a week you can post 3 articles. In this way your visitor will be engage in your site.
  3. Make you site Facebook Page and update is regularly.
  4. If you are using WordPress then you should use make your blog CommentLuv enable, because people love committing on CommentLuv site.
  5. Write a guest post on Big Site and get a high traffic from that site.
  6. Share your article on Social Networking Site.  Like: - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc…
  7. Submit your blog to the Directory i.e. Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  8. Make your article SEO friendly. Optimize your article to get better index in Search engine.
  9. Make your Blog design simple and fast in response. Blog design attracts the reader a lot.
  10. Always reply to the comment and answer the entire question asked from the audience.
  11. Do a monthly contest in your blog. These days contest are the best ways to increase your traffic.
  12. Make a relationship with other blogger. If they need help, help then and when you need help they will do it.
  13.  Use best services to build email list i.e. Feed Burner and Mail Chimp.
  14. Comment on other blog with your link. Create a backlink for your site this will increase your site traffic quickly.
  15. Add your blog in Technorati and add more traffic in your site.
  16. If you have money then you can do advertisement in Facebook and Google Adwords.
  17. Join Different, Different Facebook group and promote your article daily. Promote your old article also.
  18. Make video on blogging and published in YouTube and watermark your video with your site link.
  19. Always try to improve your writing skill. More Quality content more reader you will get.
  20. Drive huge traffic to your site by writing article on Big Site i.e. hubpages or Squidoo..



    1. Yeah all the points if you follow properly then you get a huge traffic :)


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