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 There are websites out there that are going to bring more traffic to your blog. The key to leveraging this fact is through finding out how to manipulate each site for your own needs. If you can figure out how to manipulate each site, then you are one step closer to getting yourself more traffic from them. Here are ten websites that you may find useful in getting more traffic to your blog.

#1 - Google

Google is a website that has the most powerful search engine in the world embedded into it. That is why it is going to drive a lot of traffic to your blog. The first thing you need to do is make your blog more search engine friendly. You then need to start affiliate advertising on Google too. Doing both of these things is going to bring a lot more traffic to your blog.

#2 - The Bing/Yahoo collaboration

Bing and Yahoo now use the same index to get their results. They are like Google in that their websites hold search engines, although they are not as advanced or as powerful as Google. Nevertheless, they do have the potential to drive more traffic to your blog. They may drive quite a lot of traffic to your site if you optimize your blog correctly.

#3 - Squidoo

This is an article holding website. You upload your article to the site and then link to your blog. The traffic on the Squidoo site will see your article and then may follow it to your blog. The site has a lot of exposure on the search engines, and is quite heavily attended itself. It is also very good for giving you a bit of an SEO boost too.

#4 - Facebook

This is the world’s largest social media site, and if you do not include search engine sites, then this is also the most heavily attended site in the world. So getting links from this website is going to help drive direct traffic to your blog.

#5 - Twitter

As the second most popular social networking site in the world, this site is able to drive a lot of traffic to your blog. All you have to do is keep reminding people that your blog exists and giving them reasons why they should visit it. The more you nag them, then the higher the chances are that they will visit your blog.

There is also a high chance that they will stop following your Twitter profile, but since Tweets are so small and inoffensive, it often takes a long time for people to become bored enough of your nagging for them to stop following you.

#6 - StumbleUpon

This is a website where you upload posts with tags and put them into a category. You may then have people see your posts and possibly bring some traffic to your blog as a result. This site is still quite heavily attended, even though it is not even close to as popular as Facebook or Twitter. It is still able to drive a fair amount of traffic to your blog.

#7 - Pinterest

This is a website that will allow you and others to Ping websites or images. You may Ping the ones that you feel are interesting, and so should Ping your own blog. You may add it onto your Pinterest profile with appropriate titles and relevant comments. You should also encourage other people to Ping your blog too.

#8 - LinkedIN

This is a social media website that will allow you to poach people from the site and have them look at your blog. If you share things on LinkedIn, then other people will look at your blog post. They may also join groups where your content is shared around.

#9 - Slashdot.org

Submit a post from your blog. You need to put it in the appropriate category, and you need to describe it. The description you enter will become your post meta information. It is used to index your post so that people may find it. The post is then used a little bit like a flag waving ambassador for your blog, where people visit your post and then move on to your blog.

#10 - Newsvine

All you have to do is submit your post to this website and put it in the appropriate category. You then add full details about your post and its relevant keyword tags. The post is then indexed via the information that you gave the website. Your blog will then draw readers from the website.

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