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First of all I want to tell you that this post is written using the same technique. So I think that you will understand it more clearly.

This is a technique that I am using from last many months to write posts for various blogs. As per this trick we start working whenever we get time, we work for 50 minutes only and at the end of the hour we are ready to write another post. Yes if you have read it earlier somewhere, I’m talking about the 25 minutes technique.

The 25 minutes technique is the one that most of the professional bloggers use. Here we simply work for 25 minutes take a break for the next 5 minutes and then start working again.
Next, we again work for 25 minutes and then take another Break.

How to Manage this Time

The first and the most important thing you should do is to avoid all your distractions. In short I want to say that for these 25 minutes leave Facebook, leave YouTube, leave twitter, leave tumbling, leave your cellphone, leave your social life, forget your mails, your friends, your girlfriend(s)/boyfriend(s), have a neat and clean working environment and all other things that may distract you from work.

Now this sounds difficult for you, isn’t it? But no this is an easy to do task, Of course it may sound difficult at the start but later you will have a habit. You might be thinking that you won't use this technique, but please friends I suggest that you must try it at least for a day and you’ll love it.

Leaving all the online distraction may sound difficult. But if you unplug your internet connection for that time than it will be easy. But for now unplugging the internet connection itself is not an easy task. But you have to do this sacrifice.

Unplugging Internet connection will be a problem for those who write by taking ideas from other blogs or websites at the same time. But for them there is a solution too.

First of all I advise you to use the Google chrome web browser, yeah most of you must be using it already. I said it for those who use any other browser. Now get this extension for your browser. This is the online pomodoro tool that many bloggers and online workers use. This tool blocks all the social networking and other such websites that may act as a distraction for your work. The new versions have other benefits that you can only allow only some of the specific websites. Yes this tool keep on blocking them for 25 minutes while you work. So now you have a way to manage all your distractions.

What next to do is to get this Offline pomodoro tool for you. This one is helpful to make a 25 minutes working phase (Useful when you have decided that you will unplug the internet connection). After this timer gets over you can get a short break of 5 minutes or a long break of 15 minutes. You may also edit these default settings.

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How to Write?

Start both the pomodoro timers, and then start working for 25 minutes. I also advise you to use special writing tools like the Zen-writer that creates a decent working environment by its music. I also advise to use it because I personally use it. What I liked about it is that you work there on full screen mode. You cannot resize the window while working and do multitasking. Don't get afraid you can minimize it.

I also say that before starting to write the post. Take a paper and write all your headings, subheadings and important points that you will include in the post.

trnnnnnnnn...... Oh friends my timer rang, I got to go for a short 5 minute break. Remember I told that I am writing this post via this technique only. You too leave the post wherever you are and go for a break.

What Was this Break for?

Hello Friends I’m back. I told that take a Break wherever you are. Why?? 
This break was for a simple reason. Have you ever noticed that when you write continuously for hours without any break, the quality of your article decreases gradually?

When you work with this routine i.e. 25 minute work and then 5 min break you give quality content to your readers and that’s what they like, and finally all this results in the growth of your blog.
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What to Do In the Break?

What you need to do is some simple things to remove your tiredness.
Just go to the terrace, crack your fingers, and have a glass of water. Fresh up yourself and your mind. No need to think about work every time. Have meditation for a minute or two, this will give you mental strength and leave all the thoughts that creates some kind of negative impact on your work.

What to do after The Break?

Now when the break is over continue with your work. Repeat the same process that was done before the break. Nothing new, Remove all the distractions, ask your family Members not to disturb you while you are work and work consistently.
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What to do when your Timer is Left after Completing the Post?

The post length above the break time is more and after the break is less. This is because the typing work of this post is done 25 minutes before the break and 15 minutes after the break. 

But what to do in the next 10 minutes?

Now 15 minutes after the Break when your post is complete, you still have 10 minutes left. Writing a post is not everything that you need to do. There are several other things that you need to do. You need to proof read your post. Check for the errors i.e. select and upload the images. Inserts the links within the text. Copy your post from the text editor and publish it. You should also check that how you can make it more S.E.O friendly and promote it through Social Media.

Okay Friends I have finished writing the post and I have still 10 minutes left. You can analyze it from the length of post before the break and after the break. So here I’m going to do whatever I  mentioned in the last paragraph.

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10 minutes later

Yes published this post. Complete and I feel it good.
You published the post at the end of 55th minute and Again after a five minute break means at the start of second hour you are ready to repeat the same process again for a new post. So spend two such hours daily to write two posts a day.

Really Friends this post is made in 55 minutes try the same technique and you can also create content for your blog.


  1. Krishna BasutkarMay 9, 2013 at 9:56 AM

    Ohhh....Nice article my younger bro.
    U have written the good points here and it is good for every blogger to write an article.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Hi krishna,
      Thanks for the comment Brother.

  • Your Site is looking awesome. about the post you have written a really good article with a valuable point. I will share this post soon.
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    1. Whoa! thanks bro for sharing this article. Thanks for the comment.

  • Quality Post And Quality Author.Its sounds so nice and moreover i like your article a lot and usually i too do this things which you have mentioned while i am writing for my blog.And i disconnect and close all things which can attract my mind while writing.But if you have concentration then you do anything.Just 100/100

    1. Hi Bishal.
      You are right concentration is the key to success. And making quality post is important for the every site.
      Glad to hear that you like my article ! Keep reading and visiting ^_^

  • It is biggest problem of a Blogger to Manage time for writing a Blog post and when it comes to be a Student too......... Well you know how it feels.
    But Your post really helped Out
    Thanks for helping and sharing excellent tips.

    1. Yeah! you said correct. Time Management is really important for making post.
      I am also student i know how it feel when we write post for the site.
      Thanks for the comment..

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