How Bloggers Are Different From Normal Human Beings?

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Are you a blogger? If yes then you will find geek smile on your face. 

A blogger is someone who works for free; with no immediate or long term remuneration for his or her efforts. 

So as you can image, their lives in a lunatic asylum differ from the days of people in regular society. On a more serious note, there are lots of motivations for blogging that may not seem apparent to other people.

 On the other hand, blogging may be nothing more than a hobby, just like stamp collecting or throwing rocks at moving cars.

The first thing you should understand is the difference between a serious blogger and a person who blogs upon occasion. The occasional blogger is similar to nose picker, in that they do not do it routinely, but they enjoy it when they do.

 A serious blogger is someone who treats their blog like a job, and will therefore force themselves to write, even if they are no in the mood for it. The factors mentioned in this article are more directed at the serious blogger.
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A blogger is often on a quest for inspiration

Not inspiration of the spiritual kind, but of the intellectual kind. Not that religious people have no intellect, but, well, you know. Anyway, a blogger is similar to a comedy TV show writer. They start off with hundreds of great ideas, but after a while they run out and end up walking the streets looking for anything to inspire them. Obviously, this is a slight exaggeration, but the search for inspiration is always troubling for a blogger.

Inspiration ties in with blogger motivation

This is also another curious fact about bloggers. When they have a topic in mind that they are excited about, they often find it easier to write about. They find it easier because they are highly motivated with lots of great ideas swimming round their heads. However, when the blogger reaches the uninspired stage, the blogger may find some perfectly good topics to write about, but be completely under-motivated to do anything about it.

A blogger may find a topic that works well with their blog theme, but if it does not excite them in any way, they find themselves extremely under motivated. You will often see evidence of this by the fact this week’s post will be slightly shorter of slightly more fluffed up.

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Inside the mind of a blogger

So what does a blogger do when he or she is out of ideas for a blog? They will research ideas and find a few topic ideas that work. But, what if (as per the previous paragraph) they find themselves unexcited about their blog topic? The blogger will either continue searching for a new topic, or will blog about the topic the he or she found. 

However, at this point the writing becomes work and not pleasurable. In a bloggers mind, every sentence moves them no closer to 500 words, and a post that should take an hour to write feels like it is taking a month to write.

There are dumb bloggers out there

It is true in all forms of communication. There are dumb Tweeters out there and there are roads full of dumb drivers. The dumb breed of blogger is one who writes blog posts in order to gain affiliate advertising money. 

There is nothing wrong with adding affiliate adverts to your blog (except that it cheapens your blog). But, there is something seriously wrong with writing your blog with the one and only goal of getting affiliate money.

You will be writing around 2000 words per month for just a few dollars. Didn’t you know that a good first-world writer can get anywhere from $40 to $250 for 2000 words, so why waste your time blogging for cents when you could be blogging for folding money.

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There are hobbyist bloggers

Some prolific writers just like writing. But, we cannot all produce material that is “book” standard. So a writer will put his or her extra (surplus) articles into a blog. Prolific writers differ wildly from normal people, as do most people who are prolific at something.

There are dedicated bloggers out there

Some people have very strong opinions about issues. For example, some clever bloggers know that childhood inoculations save millions of lives every year, and they are upset that Internet misinformation is killing American babies because they are catching diseases that they should be inoculated against. 

This person knows that he or she is not going to become a senator any time soon, so uses their only real communication tool at their disposal--they use their blog.

Their blog can be the written soapbox they would not have otherwise had. They can help to make the world a tiny, tiny bit better by trying to change at least one person’s mind. Because, it is better than changing nobodies mind at all.

You should be proud to be a blogger. 


  1. Bloggers think to different ways from north to south ! Nice article.

    Happy Blogging !!!

  2. Purbita DitechaMay 30, 2013 at 3:17 AM

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    1. Thanks for the comment

  • I might as well fall into hobbyist and dedicated bloggers group. I write because i love to. Seems you do the same Aditya :)

    1. Yes Bro. I just write article for the fun and when i am free.
      I have seen your site and content i love your writing Style.

      Thanks For Commenting @Harsh.


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