Social Media Marketing - Facts For Newbies

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Social Media Marketing - Facts For Newbies,Facts For Newbies, Social Media Marketing,Social Media
Social Media Marketing - Facts For Newbies

Here are some tips that you are going to find invaluable as a Newbie. These tips come from hard learned lessons, and there are still people out there now who are wasting their time with ineffective social media marketing techniques. 

All of whom could benefit from the advice on this article. You have to understand that social media is a massive time vampire. It is capable of draining hours and hours of a person’s productive time. This is made all the more worse when the person spending time on social media believes that he or she is making progress, when all he or she is doing is wasting his or her time.

Your impact on the social media sites will always be limited

Even though the social media sites are some of the biggest traffic magnets on the Internet (except for Google), the amount of traffic referred from Facebook is only 26%. Facebook is the biggest referring site on the Internet. The next biggest is Twitter who sends just 3.6% of its traffic onto other websites. So ask yourself just how success you believe your social media campaign is going to be.

Likes and friends do not mean success

So many new social media marketers make this mistake. They believe that lots of Likes and lots of friends means that they are doing a good job, but if it does not result in more web traffic or more sales then what is the point. You need to find some better metrics than just Likes, friends, Shares, tweets, etc.

Gaining support of social media users is not success

Bragging to your boss that you rallied a bunch of supporters online, and that the people on social media love you, does not mean anything. People will support anything when they are on social media and are bored. People will support a cause to put more holes in socks. What people will not do is put their money where their mouth is and buy something based on the “support” they offer.

Measure your success using analytic programs on your website

This is a good way of seeing how well your social media campaign is going. You need to check your analytic programs on your website to see where your traffic is coming from, and to see if your customers are suddenly beginning to buy from you. Your social media site success may be good, but the metrics on your website should do all the talking.

Learn the duplication rules and how they apply to sharing

Sharing is not particularly duplication, but you do need to learn the difference between sharing and duplication when working with social media. This is especially true of the websites that ask you to copy the work of others in order to create a post, such as with Pinterest. You should make sure you understand the SEO rules on sharing before you dabble with the idea.

Being promotional is the first step to failure

Every person who tries to be promotional in their posts is often met with people ignoring them in the future. People will go to great length to avoid advertising and will avoid you like the plague if you are promotional. You need to use a very light touch, and only be overtly promotional on very rare occasions.

Attracting your target consumer may mean posting on less popular topics

Your target audience is unlikely to be a member of the pop culture generation, and even if they are, you still need to be specific in your posts. Your posts on My Little Pony may be very popular, but if you are selling to teenage boys then only a very small number of teenage boy are going to engage with your posts.

Being present on all the major Social networks cannot hurt

Signing up and creating a profile on each is a good idea. This means that you can link from each with impunity. You should check in on (log into) your social media profiles every now and again to post something to keep your profile up to date.

Do not believe everything you read online

The many online Gurus are people who write articles for a few cents per hundred words. They are not experts and are experts at creating plausible lies. Such as telling you that you should load your social media profile bios with keywords.

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  • Atul Kumar PandeyApril 16, 2013 at 10:47 AM

    Really friend now I know better that getting much likes and subscriptions are not the true success of us. We need to make people think about us when they need help. Thanks for posting such a nice post.

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