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If you take a look at the reports that talk about blog security, you will automatically notice that there are security problems associated with blogging. The big problem is the fact that most blog owners do not know anything about the protection that they need. The good news is that there are some simple things that you can do without much knowledge about the technical aspects of blogging. Make sure that you follow the tips below to protect your blog.

Always Use Strong Passwords For Entry Points

It is vital that your passwords are as secure as possible. This means that they have to be long enough, include upper case characters, numbers, special symbols and the words used should be in no way connected with the actual blog. In most cases the automatically generated password for new Wordpress installations is strong enough. However, the same thing cannot be said about other entry points.

It is highly important to know the fact that many entry points exist for a blog. The one that is usually hacked is the cPanel/ftp channel. Many web users do not have strong passwords for the domain and FTP access route. This is a huge mistake. If someone accesses the cPanel, it is possible to basically do whatever they want. Analyze absolutely all the entry points and use really strong passwords at all times.

Pay Close Attention To “Wp-Admin”

It is a very good idea to use .htaccess in order to limit the access to the wp-admin folder. Only the IP addresses of authorized people should be able to take a look at or modify anything here. If you do not know how to modify .htaccess, talk to a specialist or try to locate sites on the internet that teach you exactly what has to be done.
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Pay Attention To The Plugins Folder

Many bloggers do not protect the Plugins directory because of the fact that they do not see it as a priority. What you might not be aware of is the fact that there are so many plugins out there that have vulnerabilities. This is especially true when referring to some free ones. What you should do is block access to all directories that include plugin files. If you do not do this, you might end up faced with various problems in the future.

Always Update Your Blog Installation

It is quite interesting to notice the fact that there are so many blog users that just do not update to the latest blogging interface platform. When using Wordpress, it is not at all difficult to update your installation. In fact, the visual interface will show you when a new version is available. All that you need to do is back up your current data so that you are not faced with any problems in the future. Update to the latest Wordpress installation and you will have less vulnerabilities to worry about.

Hide Wordpress Version!

One mistake you could do without realizing it is to highlight the version of the blogging platform that you use. Specifics about Wordpress version will tell your attacker exactly what to expect before even starting the hacking procedure.
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Always Create Backups!

This is something incredibly important. In the event that you cannot protect yourself and you are attacked, a backup will save you. Every single blog owner needs to create backups as often as possible. If you often blog, your backups should be daily. In the event that you blog less often, it is enough to blog once per week.

Upload Files Only After Checking Them

It is important that you stay focused on attention whenever you upload scripts to your blog. Many blog owners end up downloading plugins or themes from torrents or warez sites. Do not upload anything on your blog without first making sure that it is secure.

On the whole, using common sense is your best defense if you want to protect your blog against most possible threats. In many situations there are minor mistakes that are made and that lead towards huge problems. Memorize the tips that were mentioned above and always respect them. Most possible blogging problems will be avoided if you just do what was written.

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  1. Nice tips buddy! Guess for wordpress users a plugin named Better WP Security will take care of most of the above mentioned security tweaks.

    1. Hmm!! Sometimes we can't trust the software also. ^_^
      Thanks Bro for the comment.

    2. Thanks.
      Agree, but, anyway, everyone should be aware of these tweaks.