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What Bloggers Need in there site? Traffic, Traffic, Traffic..
There are many big sites that are getting huge traffic. How you can increase traffic of your blog?
There are more than 100 ways through which you can increase your site traffic, and only few are the best through which the site traffic increases quickly.

Every blogger Aims is to get more traffic, blog fame, and more revenue, for these things you have to increase the traffic.

I’m making the complete series on this topic only. I will cover everything that can increase the 
traffic quickly.
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Update Your Site Regularly

This is one of the most important things for every site. If you want to survive in this blogging world then you have to update your site regularly.

Updating regularly doesn't mean you have to update the blog daily. Try to post 3-4 articles in a week.  Updating your blog regularly will increase traffic and Google gives higher rank to those blogs who update their blog regularly.

Reduce Loading Time Of the Site

If your loading time is not good then no one is going to visit in your Blog. How you can manage your loading time? Simple.. Just remove unnecessary plugin from your site.  Remove it and see the difference.

Avoid Putting Too Many Ads

If you are putting too many ads in your site then audience going to irritated. Audience doesn't visit your site to see ads. Putting to many ads can also increase the loading time of your blog.
So Remove Ads from your site, make your site faster and increase traffic.

Redesign Your Blog Theme

If you are using old theme in your blog then you must change it. Audiences like attractive theme. If your Blog design is bad then no one is going to see your Blog. You can make your own theme or you can buy it. Choose the theme Responsive and mobile friendly. This can help to increase Traffic quickly.

On Page SEO

This is the quickest way to increase traffic. Professional Bloggers use this technique to increase the site traffic. It is just the SEO trick, you can also try this. On Page SEO isn't very difficult, you just have to make article SEO friendly. What On Page SEO does? It will help your blog post to rank higher on search engine.

There are many plugin in WordPress to check that your Blog Post is SEO friendly or not. You can use WordPress Yoast for this purpose. Best SEO tool for WordPress.

Off-Page SEO

Off Page SEO is also very important for the site. If you Stop Off-Page SEO, then in just few minute your competitor will take your position. Follow these tricks, like commenting on other site with your link, Submitting your site to the directories etc..  

Write original Content

Most of the bloggers Copy the post and do some edit in that and publish it on their site. Copy Paste will not help your site to grow, so just write new content and write your own. If you are copying then you will not gain and reputation and you will not get traffic in your blog. As that article is already index in the search engine.

 So if you want to more traffic just make unique article and published and see the difference.

Don’t forget Social Media

Now Days Social media is really effective way to get traffic. As per the review most of the blog get 40% of their traffic from the Social media network Site. So never neglect the Social Media, Promote Your Blog Post there and get traffic. If you are not using that then you are losing huge traffic. Where you can promote your Blog Post? In Facebook, Digg, twitter etc.. We have given the complete guide to increase traffic. So Keep visiting the Site regularly.
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  1. Where are the hidden secret of traffic ?

    1. Good Question.. There are no secret of increasing traffic. You can only increase traffic by making the content unique. AND
      And there are some ways thorough which you can increase. Some people don't follow that's why they can't get traffic. I am only tell the ways

  • Awesome points,

    Yeah loading time of a blog should be very fast dude to it we can increase the amount of traffic. Although the best responsive theme is recommended.

    Thanks for the awesome tips.

    1. You have rightly Said Theme and speed are important for the site. Thanks For the comment.


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