A To Z Ways To Write Killer Guest Post

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Write Killer Guest Post,A to Z ways, Complete Guide to write guest post

Do you want to be a remarkable Gust Writer? 

Are you creating Awesome Article for your Guest Post ?

Here by Remarkable  I don't  mean:-

*Getting more comments, likes, share, etc.

Are your readers following your Guest Posts through E-Mail Subscription or some X or Y or Z Method . 
If the answer to my question is no , then calm down for a moment and think about it again .

Don't guest post shit . Post killer content . 

Follow these tips to become the next Guest Posting Champion .

1.Write What You Know

In my view this is most important thing and this thing you should kept in your mind while doing Guest posting. 

You should be answerable to the Visitor who are commenting on your Blog. 

Over couple of year I have read many article on different site, writers try to spin the articles. The real thing is that they don't written that articles they have copied it  from somewhere and done many adjustment. 

When some Visitors ask some questions to them they try to escape or they reply something else. 
What ever you know about the Topic tell that to audience.

Do some research about that topic, read from different site Understand the concept and then write on that Topic. 
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2. Remove Unnecessary Word 

Remove the words which are not require in the article, Just Remove that. !!

There is no hard and fast rule to make article Big during guest post. All you required is that the article should be unique and Audience should understand what are you trying to say. 

Don't use difficult word so the Audience can't understand the meaning the article.

3. Focus Only On One Topic  

This is also important thing for blogger, many bloggers forgot this method. Just Focus on one Topic, Read about that topic from different site. And Write all the thing deeply.  

Write every thing on that topic. Just concentrate on writing article.

This is best way to write a Killer Guest Post. 

4. Summarize Your Post In The Post Title

Tell your reader or Visitor the entire summary in Post Tittle. I am not saying the write whole body in the title.  Headline of the post will give whole story of the Content.

If your Title is good people will get attracted toward the article. Spend more time to get perfect Headline for your blog post. 

Through survey it have found that 80% people read title/Headline  and 20% read the article. Why there is only 20% audience read your article it is due to lack of proper Title/Headline of your Post.
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5. Start With "How To" Word

Start from "HOW TO". If you are showing your reading how to do something, like how to blog, how to start because HOW TO word attract the people a lot. I have personally experienced this thing. 

Title is Most important part of your Blog Post. If your TITLE is not good then no one will like your Post.  


  1. Well How about starting with Get free instead of how to?

    1. Hmm! if you are giving any product then it good. It will not fit for Blogging site.

  • REKHILESH ADIYERIApril 19, 2013 at 5:04 PM

    Really every guespt writers & blogger need to be know this, Still i get rubbish guest posts daily.Today got 13 and spend more than 1 hr to find the perfect one.Most of them were craps.SO i really want to suggest this post with my friends. :)

    1. Yup! if you are also doing guest post then keep these point in your mind.
      I will suggest if you are getting guest post choose any 5 and try to edit it and then post it. It will be good.
      Thanks for the comment Bro .


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