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5 Killing Ways to get Ideas for your next Articles

Is your mind empty and your paper totally blank? Well,every blogger and writer face that issue especially the new ones.Certainly , there comes a situation when we want to write but have nothing to write about.This situation is also named as Writers Block. So how can you get new ideas for writing an article?Lets know [...]

Importance of comments section and plug-ins to improve it

Blogging is still very search engine friendly. It allows people to start posting right away and have their blog indexed very quickly. People adding posts and comments to their post are often seen sitting on the search engine results pretty quickly. They do not rank highly, but that is mainly because they are a new [...]

Earning Money From a Blog is Not Easy

So you hear the term "Blogging" again and again, daily in your life. You see bloggers bragging about their earnings and it also tempts you to be a blogger.You think that Blogging is only a way of earning money, all you need to do is buy a domain name and hosting,make one Home page, About [...]

Ways to post on a lethargic day

Why do we keep posting on-line? Is it fun or burden? There are times when we do not want to post but we still have to post. For ghost writers (paid writers) it is mostly pressure to deliver articles by deadlines. And for those who write just with motive of sharing and enlightening believe in [...]

10 Tips Through Which You Can Improve Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank is important for every site. Everybody wants to attain a good Alexa rank because of advertisements. If you need advertisers for your site, then it is very important to have a good ranking because advertiser first checks Alexa ranking of your site before striking a deal. There are many tips and tricks through [...]

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